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Compass 9.3, U.S. Edition


TL---Compass-9.3.pngStay current on insurance industry
talent news and issues.

Rethinking Strategic Recruitment and
Selection in T
oday's Evolving Market

The industry currently stands amid what is being considered one of the most competitive recruiting environments in history. Only those organizations that embrace a new way of thinking about recruitment and selection will be able to successfully compete. In this issue’s feature article, Jacobson Engagement Director Abbie Fleming shares insights into recruitment and selection best practices and strategies to ensure your organization can weather the talent storm.  

PULSE of the U.S. Insurance Labor Market

Unemployment for insurance carriers and related activities in the U.S. decreased to 2.0 percent in June, with the addition of 7,300 jobs.

Read this regular feature for additional highlights on the insurance industry's current labor market situation.

Recent Executive-level Insurance Moves

Browse our list of executives who recently took on new challenges within the industry.

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