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Compass 9.2, U.S. Edition


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The Growing Diversity and Inclusion Mandate

Today’s labor force is rapidly evolving. Already, demographic predictions paint a picture of a very different workplace in the near future, as employees “gray,” female professionals outnumber their male counterparts and we transition into a “minority majority” nation. As an industry, we must embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion in order to find success in this new business reality. In this issue’s feature article, Jacobson’s Managing Partner Margaret Resce Milkint shares her perspective on the growing demographic changes and strategies for building a diverse workforce

PULSE of the U.S. Insurance Labor Market

Unemployment for insurance carriers and related activities in the U.S. increased to 3.4 percent in March, despite the addition of 2,700 jobs.

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Recent Executive-level Insurance Moves

Browse our list of executives who recently took on new challenges within the industry.

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